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Senior Managing Director and Director of Investigations of the Americas

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Global Expertise and Intricate Knowledge

Money moves around the world today with great speed and efficiency. To secure the return of misappropriated assets, a team with global expertise and intricate local knowledge is critical to a successful strategy. K2 Intelligence investigators have accumulated experience and knowledge few can match, and can provide critical intelligence in a wide range of contexts, including determining whether an attachable asset exists, securing the return of misappropriated assets, identifying and securing assets to satisfy a post-judgment award, and informing the determination of whether or not litigation is viable in the first instance.

What Constitutes an Asset

We take a creative approach to what constitutes an asset and broaden the definition well beyond real estate and company ownership to include escrow accounts, accounts receivables, payments of duties and royalties, investments, artwork, joint ventures, and related business entities. Decades of experience and current knowledge of the legal mechanisms in dozens of jurisdictions position us strongly to arm our clients with a unique and robust asset recovery strategy.

We support our clients throughout the process of asset tracing and recovery: beginning with determining the overall extent and location of subjects’ assets up to and including the attachment of those assets once legal proceedings are initiated.


We provide consulting support to an entity and/or its counsel in all phases of the CFIUS review process.  

  • Assessment. “Will this deal present an issue under CFIUS?” In connection with making that determination, clients often require an independent understanding of the universe of potential national security risks the proposed transaction could raise. We have the expertise needed to support decision making and map the national security risks to an entity’s policies, procedures, technology and people including regulatory risk, geopolitical risk, and data integrity and cyber risk.
  • Mitigation and Remediation. As part of a larger program to address concerns CFIUS may have with a proposed transaction, we develop and implement remediation plans to mitigate the residual national security risks presented by the transaction. 
  • Monitoring and Compliance. We ensure that CFIUS mitigation agreements or orders are complied with and to oversee compliance with negotiated settlements in other areas. We have extensive experience serving as independent third-party monitors and security officers and engaging with regulators to ensure effective compliance, reporting and follow through with transaction requirements. 


Mapping the worlds assets Through systematic analysis of a wide range of data repositories around the globe, coupled with strategically targeted inquiries with diligently identified sources with relevant knowledge, we develop intelligence on the location, size, and background of the available pool of assets. The end-product is a Map, detailing each identified asset per jurisdiction, its estimated value, and relevant intelligence on the pros and cons for seizure.
Your Stuff... Back Working closely with legal counsel we devise an enforcement strategy that prioritizes the jurisdictions where enforcement efforts will be made. We classify assets within each jurisdiction as more or less desirable, based on the legal tools available in each jurisdiction, the perceived ease of or potential hurdles to attachment, and their value. We then proceed with conducting targeted inquiries to obtain evidence of the ownership of those assets that will be pursued. K2 Intelligence may expand its inquiries to identify and include additional assets in the “friendly jurisdictions” selected for the pursuit.
We will find it K2 Intelligence provides ongoing intelligence and evidence gathering relating to each of the recovery efforts pursued through legal recourse. Our work includes gathering intelligence about the transfer or sale of assets and monitoring the subject’s acquisition plans, regular payments made by the subjects, or the subjects’ plans and activities.

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